The Glynllifon Project

News on our current progress & future plans, as well as the latest media coverage

Daily Post Articles
Opening to the public june 2018 Paul Williams discusses plans for Parc Glynllifon The old Billiard Room Scaffolding around Plas Glynllifon Refurbishment Project Refurbished bedroom at Plas Glynllifon Working with Gwynedd Archives Paul Williams - Director of The Plas Glynllifon Group

We are working closely with The BBC, who are filming an ongoing documentary series covering our regeneration of Glynllifon, and Welsh Newspaper 'The Daily Post', to bring you the latest news on our project's development.

We will also be publishing our own progress updates. You can follow us on Facebook to receive these updates directly to your chosen device as soon as they are released.

June Consultation & Open Days

The turn out and general response to our first Open Days was truly remarkable. Around 4,000 people attended over the two days, and the feedback we received was amazingly positive. We're still preparing the results from our Questionnaire, but we've got a brief summary of the main points from the first half available to view here. We expect to publish more details, and the final copy of our findings in the next week.

Here's how the BBC reported the day. There are also many visitor photos, comments and opinions from those who attended over at our Facebook Page.

"We'd just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and personal comments and also the many gifts, photos, booklets etc that people bought in for us to copy or even gift to the Plas." - Paul Williams

External Works

Work moved outside in January as we turned our attention to the grounds. We've uncovered and restored the third fountain which had remained buried for decades, and we are around 70% through our work on the original terrace which ran behind the Manor House before it was overgrown by rhododendron bushes. This work is part of our push to renovate not only the building itself, but also the grounds and surrounding public parkland. To underline these long term objectives we have issued a Press Release that sets out our proposals for the rejuvenation and continued upkeep of the entire site.

Glynllifon's Condition

We have compiled a slideshow which demonstrates the initial condition of various parts of the building and how some of those parts look now, following our restoration work.

If you prefer to take a closer look at the images in this slideshow, we've also prepared a pdf output, and you can view or download that file by clicking here (85MB)

Project Status

A little over two years into the project, and progress is good. We are still on target for a 2020 opening.
The South Wing is now almost completed. The ground and first floors are decorated and furnished, and we are currently working on the second floor. While this wing had the least structural damage, it contained the most original features, and renovation of these decorative elements has been both costly and time consuming. To ensure that our restorative works are as authentic as possible, we have requested the help of various historical agencies, as well as Lord Newborough himself, who's help has been truly essential and greatly appreciated.

Initial "Statement of Condition"

Large parts of the building were in a terrible state, both structurally and decoratively. In such a large building, it's difficult to get across how bad some of this damage was, but as part of our acquisition, we commissioned a 'Statement of Condition' document.

This document consists of two parts, a textual description of each room in the building, and a supporting appendix containing photographs of those rooms. We are making the photographic document available for download and viewing on-line. This document is very large (it's over 1,000 pages with over 2,000 high resolution images, totalling over 330MB in size), but if you would like to see the state of the building when we acquired it (and you have a decent internet connection) you can view / download the 'SoC' here.